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Providing useful information to the Victoria Crossroads area for disaster recovery assistance, resources, etc.

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A source of information for our community.

Inspired by our community partners and their tireless work in assisting disaster survivors through some of the toughest times of their lives, CrossroadsCares361 was established in 2021 to assist our local non-profit organizations, Community Organizations Active in Disaster, Long-Term Recovery partners, and others to provide information about resources available to our community as they relate to disaster recovery and finding a new sense of "normal" following a disaster.

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One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in the Golden Crescent area are safe and have their basic needs taken care of through the services provided by our community partners. With your generous donations, both monetary and physical, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavor of helping community members recover quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more.


Although the are numerous organizations that provide teams of personnel, supplies, and services to our community, there is still a substantial need for local volunteers to assist with disaster recovery operations. From logistics staffing to construction, we can use your help to help our community get back to a sense of "normal" following a disaster or emergency.


One of the main reasons CrossroadsCares361 was created was to assist our community organizations in the Golden Crescent area with promoting their services and provide information to the community about where to receive assistance when navigating disaster recovery.

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"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

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